Friday 22 August 2014

Elvis (8. Januar 1935 - 16. August 1977)

King of Zombie N‘ Roll – he died on the toilet with his pants down, but pulled them back up, when he started to turn. He asked his girl: “Baby let's play House“, but she just screamed and ran away. “Don’t be cruel”, he thought to himself and got on a “Mystery train” to a “Heartbreak Hotel”, down “In The Ghetto”. Zombie-Elvis tried to put on his “Blues Suede Shoes”. But just couldn’t find his left foot. “That’s all right”, he said and played some good ol’ “Jailhouse Rock”.

Wednesday 20 August 2014

„Oh Captain, my Captain.“ Legions of Zombie students humbly bow before one of the greatest actors of his generation. In deepest sorrow, ZOMBIE-INTERNATIONAL.