Saturday 31 August 2013


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Friday 30 August 2013


Last but not least we present the last member of the Zombie International inner circle: Dominik aka Zombinik. 
As a journalist, he's the main provider of our Zombie news feed. 

What others say about him:
"Don't tell him too much, he may eat you!"

Monday 26 August 2013

Captain Sideburns

Last Friday we met our brain sucking writer The Swabian. But whose brain is he sucking? It's Captain Sideburns. He's Mr. Know-It-All when it comes to the Zombies.

What other's say about him:
"He keeps searching for a brain of gold and he's getting old."

Friday 23 August 2013

The Swabian

The Swabian is grasping, selfish and smart-alec. But hey, he's the writer, so what's the news? And he does have some ideas.

What other's say about him:
"He's a brain sucking zombie freak"

Monday 19 August 2013


After presenting our illustrator TimTonic, meet SCALP! He's the mastermind behind Zombie International, no doubt about it.

What others say about him:
"The GUV got us bustin' our asses on the chain gang"

Friday 16 August 2013


It's time to introduce the team of Zombie International. 
Of course we are doing this with illustrations. 
First off it's our illustrator TimTonic.

What others say about him:
"Go ahead punk, paint my day!"

Monday 12 August 2013


Last but not least we're proud to present a real bastard from "All Undead On Western Front": 
Lieutenant Werner Stahlfritz. 
He leads the German Zombie soldiers into battle and is perfect for the mission: He hates the Brits. 
Far from being a brave and honest soldier, Stahfritz is a arrant coward and a dirty rascal.

Werner Stahlfritz (*06.12.1873)
Nickname: Fraidy-cat
Profession: Lieutenant of the Deutsche Heer
Lives by the motto: Better him than me!
Favorite dish: Sauerkraut mit Blutwurst (sauerkraut and blood sausage)
Famous quote: I don't need to be loved and honored, surviving is the goal.

Friday 9 August 2013

General Dolchschmerz

It's time to meet General Dolchschmerz. He belongs to the German high command and is responsible for Operation "Orcinianus Copia". Pardon my french: This blokes an asshole.

Wilhelm Dolchschmerz (*20.04.1864)
Nickname: Blitz & Donner
Profession: General of the Deutsches Heer
Lives by the motto: The Kaiserreich will rule the world!
Favorite dish: Böhmische Knödel (Bohemian dumplings)
Famous quote: Winning a war is boring. Fighting battles is what it's all about!

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Zombie double pack!

So, today we unleash two characters from our comic and yes it's what you've been waiting for, two ZOMBIES! While still human, these two soldiers were part of a secret experiment called „Orcinianus Copia“. They, along with others from their battalion were injected with a modified snake poison, that was supposed to turn them into super-soldiers. Well, things don't go exactly the way the German high-command had planned.

Hans Gustav Fleischman (*3 June 1894 - 14 April 1918 (undead)) (left)
Nickname: Spare Ribbs / Creature from hell
Profession: Butcher and Soldier / Braineating zombie
Lives by the motto: Jawohl! / Don't ask, just eat!
Favorite dish: Schwäbische Hirnsuppe (Swabia brain soup) / Human brain and flesh (raw)
Famous quote: War is for butchers. / Gnagh!

Erwin Nackenbeisser (*26 September 1898 - 14 April 1918 (undead))(right)
Nickname: Pretty Boy / Creature from hell
Profession: Student and Soldier / Braineating zombie
Lives by the motto: Long live the Kaiser and our Vaterland! / Kill, kill, kill!
Favorite dish: Bratwurst (Bratwurst) / Human brain and flesh (raw)
Famous quote: The Vaterland comes first. / Aaargh!

Saturday 3 August 2013

Sgt. Hoskins

Sorry folks, I messed up. I forgot to post a blog last night. Well, I have a good excuse, I was working on the layout of "All Undead…" and got so carried away, that I completely forgot to to post our next figure featured in our animated comic. 
Ok, so today I present Sgt. Hoskins. He leads a battalion that attack the German defenses on that fateful day in April 1918. As he and his men approach the enemy lines, he realizes that the German soldiers are behaving in a peculiar way. I`ll leave it up to your imagination to figure out the rest.
Well, here he is:
Name: Gerald Hoskins
Born: 1880
Profession: Sergeant
Favorite dish: Bangers & Mash
Lives by the motto: When the going gets rough, the rough get shot