Tuesday 6 August 2013

Zombie double pack!

So, today we unleash two characters from our comic and yes it's what you've been waiting for, two ZOMBIES! While still human, these two soldiers were part of a secret experiment called „Orcinianus Copia“. They, along with others from their battalion were injected with a modified snake poison, that was supposed to turn them into super-soldiers. Well, things don't go exactly the way the German high-command had planned.

Hans Gustav Fleischman (*3 June 1894 - 14 April 1918 (undead)) (left)
Nickname: Spare Ribbs / Creature from hell
Profession: Butcher and Soldier / Braineating zombie
Lives by the motto: Jawohl! / Don't ask, just eat!
Favorite dish: Schwäbische Hirnsuppe (Swabia brain soup) / Human brain and flesh (raw)
Famous quote: War is for butchers. / Gnagh!

Erwin Nackenbeisser (*26 September 1898 - 14 April 1918 (undead))(right)
Nickname: Pretty Boy / Creature from hell
Profession: Student and Soldier / Braineating zombie
Lives by the motto: Long live the Kaiser and our Vaterland! / Kill, kill, kill!
Favorite dish: Bratwurst (Bratwurst) / Human brain and flesh (raw)
Famous quote: The Vaterland comes first. / Aaargh!

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