Friday 10 January 2014

Zombie International – The App!

At last its out! Episode 1 All Undead On The Western Front of our comic epic Zombie International is now available in the App Store for downloading on to your iPads. And since weve had more time to produce it than originally planned, weve made the most of this opportunity by putting together a really comprehensive package. In addition to the classic comic, which you can read in paper form, you will also find an animated, sound version of the entire comic. Whats more, weve included in this App the complete soundtrack of the Reel Banditos - plus an interactive map with further information on Episode 1. Thats as good as it gets!

To mark the launch of this App, it is going on sale at the price of just 0.89 or 0.99 $. This special offer is limited to the period up to Valentine Day on 14th February 2014.

So dont hang about, order now:

Zombie International – The App

The soundtrack to the Reel Banditos’ „All Undead On The Western Front“ is avallable from the following sources:


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